Sunday, May 2, 2010

Chronic Pain - Better Results with Trust & Caring

As I was watching the  CBS Sunday Morning show - a great show by the way -  I was reminded of a powerful idea.

Wes Moore was being interviewed by Russ Mitchell. He described how his mother's care and persistence helped save him from a life of crime. At a young age, he had run away from military school five times and was calling his mother to tell her he wanted to come home. Despite how difficult it was for her, hearing her son crying and pleading on the phone, she persisted. She told him he had to stay, not just for her (and him), but also for all the people who had helped and believed in him.

Wes Moore described that as a turning point for him. He realized how hard it was for his mother to stay firm with him. He realized how much she cared. He knew that she was not going to give up on him.

My mother put it this way, he said,"Kids need to know you care before they care what you think".

This powerful message also rings true in the every day life of people who live in pain. Patients, especially with long-term illnesses and injuries, need to know that their families, employers, doctors, lawyers, and friends will not give up on them.

As Mrs. Moore says, people need to know that you care before they will care what you think. Even professionals, with advanced degrees and successful practices, need to stay focused on this essential truth.

This connects to another powerful truth, from journalist and writer, Bill Moyers, " Caring is good medicine".

Sometimes, even the best medicine.

Yours with care,
Michael MacDonald, Ph.D.

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