Monday, June 28, 2010

Help for Chronic Pain & FM - Free Book for Pain Group Leaders

I would like to offer a FREE copy of my book, Unbelievable Pain Control, to leaders and organizers of support groups for people who live in pain.

This is no trick. No strings attached. No sales pitch and no follow-up emails. This offer is made in recognition of the many people who put much of their limited energy into helping others in pain.

One caveat, though. For now, I can only make this offer to the first 50 people who send an email request to me at

You can find out details about this book from the website, including a full listing of the Table of Contents.

Please don't be scared off by the strong title. It has several meanings, all drawn from the experiences of people who live every day in pain. Mostly, this title comes from the story in Book One, which is based on the real-life accomplishments of a remarkable individual.

Remember - Caring is Good Medicine (Bill  Moyers)

Yours with care

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