Thursday, July 15, 2010

Brain Changes, Chronic Pain, Inspiration, Art

The cover of new issue of  PAIN  has a picture of charcoal grey guitar on a sea of blue.

This was one of many paintings completed by a woman after a stroke and serious injury to her brain. Here is a statement from the artist:

"I was not previously interested in art. But after my stroke, I had this incredible urge to paint. When I am feeling well, i can paint for hours. ...  I use the warmest colors possible. It's good for me, makes me feel better. I am energized in front of my paintings, as if in another world."

The article shows several of the artists impressive paintings. Amazing when you think that this person had no previous talent or experience. She had completed over 120 paintings, some the size of whole rooms.

Interestingly, painting warm colors made her come alive, with energized spirit and mood. Painting dark colors made her chronic pain worse, almost instantly.

In this article (Pain, 2010, 150, 121-127), the authors use this incredible example to help us understand how changes in the brain can affect us in such unexpected ways.

In the meantime, we are treated to a truly inspirational story of hope amidst tragedy.

Check it out and prepare to be moved.

Yours with care

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