Thursday, September 2, 2010

Back From Holidays - With A New Focus

Dear Faithful Readers. I apologize for my lack of contact over the past few weeks. I have been on holidays at a fairly remote cottage, with no real internet access.  That is no excuse, though. I didn't even let you know that I was going to be away. Thoughtless. I am sorry.

I have been doing some hard thinking about the focus of this blog. And I think it is time to get more more detailed and provide more practical help for the millions people who are forced to live every day in pain.

Over 90% of my patients, over the past 25 years, have been individuals who suffer from long-term (or chronic) pain caused by one or more physical injuries. Their physical injuries are usually caused by car or work accidents. Their pain is physical, real and often very disruptive to most parts of their daily lives.

This group of people, who live every day in pain, also have to deal with many additional stresses - stresses and losses related to loss of work, financial strains and conflicts with insurers, worker's compensation and lawyers. This is a whole extra load that can make it even harder to cope with pain and limitations.

The combined impact of the physical injuries, never-ending pain, stresses and losses often triggers even further problems involving poor sleep, irritability, and stresses in their families. I would like to offer some help.

I am hoping that The Chronic Pain Letter can provide some practical help and hope to this very deserving group. My heart goes out to you.

Yours with care,


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