Friday, January 14, 2011

Caring is Good Medicine - New Findings

This is one of my favourite sayings - "Caring is good medicine"  (Bill Moyers).

Some new research findings help support this view. A recent study from the European National Health Service studied hospital treatments, outcomes and costs, and made some strong recommendations. By helping patients have a better experience in hospital, better outcomes resulted and lower costs. Patients suffered from fewer complications after surgeries and were generally healthier.

Common sense  approaches seem to help. "Simple things like spending time with patients, talking to them, listening to their concerns..."   These are the simple things that are sometimes lacking when patients with chronic pain and fibromyalgia are surveyed about their health care experiences.

This kind of approach is especially helpful for patients with long-term pain. Patience and compassion are necessary to help people learn about their injuries and pain. Encouragement and understanding can help people gain some of the strength they need to move forward in their lives.

Yours with care

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