Monday, January 24, 2011

Chronic Pain is about Pain And Loss

Most of my patients have been hurt in car or work accidents, so I end up working with a lot of lawyers.

Sometimes, lawyers are confused about my work. I am a rehab psychologist who helps people with physical injuries and disabilities. One lawyer, a few years ago, said to me, rather bluntly,  "What do you do". What this lawyer was really asking is, you are a psychologist, my clients have serious physical injuries, what do YOU do?

I told him,  "pain and loss". To me that sort of summed it all up.

If a person's injuries and pain go away after a few months, they would never come and see a psychologist like me. Their injuries would heal, their pain would go away, and they could quickly get back on with their regular life. Not much stress involved.

If your injuries, pain and limitations continue, month after month, the stresses in your life start to escalate. Maybe your work is disrupted and you are having trouble getting benefits. Maybe your pain and limitations interfere with your family life and your spouse and children are having difficulties coping with the extra load on them. You may be having trouble sleeping. These problems and losses start to build, day after day, month after month. Many people don't know where to start getting their life back under control.

Most importantly, these stresses and losses can physically aggravate your physical injuries. Stress can aggravate any serious physical health problem - especially chronic health problems.

Pain and injury cause stress and loss. Stress and loss trigger more pain.  Higher levels of pain cause even more stress and loss. Who wouldn't need help trying to get this viscious cycle under control.

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