Friday, January 7, 2011

Chronic Pain - A Sense of Entitlement - Of Course!

When I am preparing to testify in court, the lawyers will send me all of the reports and documentation that have been done on the case. This is important, since I need to know what the particular controversies may be.

Sometimes, when reading reports from insurance doctors, I see that the patient is accused of having a "sense of entitlement". This term is used to attack the person's character and honesty. The implication is that the injured person is exaggerating their symptoms because they feel that others (meaning insurers) owe them a living. This is a transparent attempt to blame the victim.

If you should happen to read such slurs, please remember this. Accusations are cheap and easy to make. It is the facts that count. In fact, attacks may come from both lawyers, not just the insurance lawyers.

If you have been unable to work, your financial losses have been climbing. The longer you are off of work the bigger your losses will be. If you can never return to work, your fears of more and more losses will be high.

Under these circumstances, of course you expect to be fairly compensated for your losses. Just like the insurance doctors have a sense of entitlement about their high fees.

Your job is to be honest and do everything you can to get better. Thats all.

Yours with care

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