Saturday, February 19, 2011

Compassion Can be a Powerful and Practical Tool

I came across a fascinating talk, recently, at This is a great website to watch short videos from leaders in a variety of fields. Most talks are only 6 minutes and get right to the point. Plus they are free.

I was captivated by a talk from Krista Tippett, called Reconnecting with Compassion. It was not a sentimental appeal for more compassion in our lives, although more is definitely needed - everywhere. It was a highly intelligent discussion of what compassion really means, and can mean in our daily lives.

You can find her talk at

She outlined how kindness is at its' core, as well as beauty, empathy and mystery. She described how compassion can be a practical tool for solving problems.

She mentioned how compassion can be thought of as curiosity without assumptions.

This describes, to me, the perfect attitude for health care providers to take when trying to understand others' pain.

Be careful, this talk may change you.

Yours with care

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