Monday, December 12, 2011

New Rights for People in Pain

The Declaration Montreal: Access to pain management is a fundamental human right is the title of a recent article in the prestigious journal PAIN (2011, 152, p. 2673) by Doctors Cousins and Lynch.

This article includes the Declaration of Montreal, created at the International Pain Summit of the International Society for the Study of Pain (IASP). Eighty-four countries supported this most basic of human rights.

This essence of this declaration is that health care providers, governments and health care organizations are obligated to provide adequate treatment and management of pain, even when it is difficult to diagnose the actual cause of the pain.

The Summit leaders also recognized that chronic pain, with or without diagnosis is highly stigmatized - and that all levels of health care should work to reduce this stigma.

Thank you to the IASP for their continuing dedication to the millions of people who live, all over the world, each day in pain.

Yours with Care - Michael

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