Monday, November 25, 2013

This is embarassing

Almost 2 years have flown by since my last post. This is very embarrassing. So embarrassing that I will now commit to regular posts.

I have been swamped trying to help many injured workers get fair treatment from the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (of Ontario, Canada). This organization has taken a vicious turn for the worse over the past 2 years. Many severely injured workers, suffering from chronic pain, depression and loss of work, have been cut off of their benefits. Understandably, this has made them more depressed and more disabled. is this really helping - I think not. Yet, WSIB persists in it's unfair and brutal practices.

I will continue this work. I think it is important. I hope other professionals will join in helping out. A class action lawsuit might also help.

Thank you for reading. More posts will come soon. I promise.

Yours with care - Mike

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