Monday, January 6, 2014

Sudden Onset Matters

Over 90% of my patients, over the past 25 years, have suffered from chronic or long-term pain following car or work accidents.

What makes long-term pain from accidents different from other types of long-term pain is the sudden onset of injury and pain. If a person has long-term pain from arthritis, this pain may have gradually increased over many years, sometimes even decades. The pain can still be very difficult and limiting for the person in pain and their families. It is a little easier though, when a person has years to try and accept and adapt to their pain. They have some time to make changes in their lives to accommodate to the limitations that are caused by their pain.

When pain and injuries are caused by accidents, there is no time. One day, you may be healthy and living life to the fullest. The next day, you may be racked with pain, out of work and frightened of how you are going to manage. This can be a big shock for you and your family.

Sudden onset matters and makes it all the harder to cope and survive long-term injury and pain. people are more at risk for additional stresses, anxiety and depression, under these conditions. I will discuss these implications more in later posts. Please stay tuned.

Yours with care - Mike

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