Monday, January 27, 2014

The Black Dog - Brilliant Illustration

Many people who live every day in pain feel like the Black Dog is hounding them. And it feels like the dog never gives up.

The Black Dog is one of the main characters in a brilliant cartoon put out by the World Health Organization. The Black Dog is a constant and heavy presence in the life of a depressed man in this cartoon. This cartoon perfectly illustrates the symptoms of depression and how it can affect almost all parts of our lives.

Many people who watch this cartoon will say that the Black Dog is like the constant pain they feel. The heavy and intruding presence of the Black. Dog is partly from pain and partly from the depression, caused by the pain. Sometimes, it is difficult to separate out these two parts, because pain is a much more vivid and salient symptom.

Over 90% of my patients suffer from chronic or long-term pain. Many suffer from pain + depression. The depression comes, not only from the suffering caused by their constant pain, but also from the limitations and losses caused by their pain.

What is depression? Let this animation with a dog sheds light on it.

Please check out this brief video. It is well worth a few moments of your time. Here is the link:

I hope this illustration can help explain the mysteries of pain + depression and help your life in even a small way.

Yours with care - Mike

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