Monday, April 28, 2014

How To Protect Yourself From Video Surveillance

Your best strategy, by far, is to be open and honest with your doctors and lawyer.

Private investigators are always hoping that they can catch accident victims in a lie. This will make their day, unfortunately. For example, if you have told your doctors that you never mow your lawn and they have a video of you trying to mow your lawn, they will use this video as evidence that you have lied. This situation is even worse if you have stated, under oath at a Discovery Hearing, that you never mow the lawn. Defense attorneys would then try to use this to argue, not only that you lied about mowing the lawn, but that you are a dishonest person and are also lying about your injuries. This will make their day.

It is also very helpful to try to be specific and clear when you're talking your doctors, your lawyer, insurance adjusters and opposing lawyers. For example, if you have said that you can't mow the lawn, maybe you mean that you can't mow the lawn like you used to. If this is what you mean, this is what you need to say.

Most accident victims, even those with serious and multiple injuries, are able to do many activities. Very few injuries actually involved paralysis. You may be able to do the dishes, wash your car or drive your children to school. When you talk about doing these activities, it is important to be clear and specific about just how much you can do. Can you wash the dishes for a few minutes at a time, but not be able to wash all the dishes at once like you used to? Maybe, you can even mow the lawn, but only for 10 min. at a time. When you are specific about these kinds of details, this also makes it easier for your doctors to be specific and to help you when it comes time for them to do a report about your injuries.

These ideas are really common sense. But it is hard to use your common sense when you are so nervous about private investigators and insurance companies trying to hurt you and your family. 

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